Free masterclass for high-ticket service providers who are tired of being "The workaholic Hustler"

and are ready to become "The Rich & Joyful Entrepreneur".

How To Consistently Close

High Dollar Dream Clients

to 3x your revenue without working harder.

How To Consistently Close

High Dollar Dream Clients

to 3x your revenue without working harder.

Is this free masterclass for you?

Let’s find out:

Do you provide a high-value service, product, or experience with pricing between $1,500 and $100,000 + per contract and want to charge more than your competitors?

Are you so over price-shoppers and bargain hunters -- and just want to attract more of the high paying clients you LOVE to work with most?

Would you like to know what it's like to have top-dollar clients chasing YOU instead of feeling like you have to hustle for anyone and everyone?

Are you tired of so-so success and want to exponentially expand your business but don't know how to grow your business when you're already working at max capacity?

Have you already realized that you will NOT win the entrepreneurial game by working harder but can't quite wrap your head around HOW to scale without burning out?

If you answered YES, YES, YES to any (or all) of the above!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover in this FREE training:

The 3 biggest mistakes that keep you hustling too hard for less income than you deserve.

The one thing that separates service based businesses that attract and close high dollar clients and those that continue to work with price-shoppers.

Strategies you can start putting in place TODAY to create exponential expansion for your services business (without working harder).

My proven method to captivate and close your dream clients on repeat.

Plus, I'll share how I went from struggling to make six figure years to UNLOCKING multiple six-figure MONTHS -- WITHOUT THE BURNOUT.

Look, you are ridiculously skilled and talented. I know it, you know it, but your dream clients need to know it too!

...And you are here for it.

Today, I want to help you take the very first steps to build that boss schedule you crave, create the freedom to do whatever makes you truly happy, and run your business the way you want to run it. Are you ready?

Meet Your Hostess

Erica Powell is a profitability and lifestyle coach for high value service entrepreneurs craving rich & joyful living.

Hi, I’m Erica! As the founder of Erica Powell & Co. and The Joie Society, my mission in life is to help you find profitability and freedom.

After nearly a decade of trial and error growing my own service business, I'm happy to tell you I've cracked the code for making sustainable quantum leaps, and I can't wait to share them with you!

With my background in branding and website design, high-ticket sales, business management and leadership, technology and automation, team building, and scalability -- I've been able to pinpoint the exact steps that our clients (and we) have taken to reach our goals.

I've reverse-engineered a blueprint for not only making steady and consistent progress, but exponentially scaling your success without working yourself into the ground. This blueprint -- like you -- works brilliantly...

...And I'm sharing the very first steps you need to take inside this FREE MASTERCLASS!

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For me & my business?

We work with high value service, product, and experience providers in ALL industries and niches, including:

Event Professionals

Event Planners & Designers

Caterers & Bakers

Calligraphers & Stationery Designers

Floral Designers & Decor Companies

Lighting, Music, & Production


Photographers & Videographers

Make Up Artists & Hair Stylists

& More

Business Services

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Branding & Website Designers

Coaches & Consultants


Funnel Designers & Marketers


Social Media & PR Pros

Virtual Assistants & OBMs

& More

Lifestyle Professionals

Home Organization & Systems

Interior Designers

Lifestyle Coaches

Luxury Gifting

Travel Planning

Real Estate Pros

Spas & Salons

& More

Don’t see your industry or niche above? If you provide a high value service, product, or experience and you want to charge premium prices (higher than most of your competitors), this masterclass is for you.

UNLOCK new levels of freedom and profitability...and ditch the burnout like our clients?

Success Stories

Jai & Jenny Holla

“Erica knows what she’s doing and it’s legit. She's awesome, she's amazing, she'll change your life!

Success Stories

Stephanie Sikora
Life Made Simple

“I have been able to 3x my prices, 3x my income, increased my inquiries by 5x, and in the first 6 months of the year, I made more than all of last year. I love being a part of a community that is inspiring, supportive, and challenging. Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely at times but this community feels like a family.”
Success Stories

Julie Occhino
Julie Occhino Luxury Beauty

“I can truly say I never ever imagined the potential of my business and the new heights I would reach! I've gained control over my health and personal life and now have much more time with my family and friends. All of this is my new reality and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you will never be enough, Erica and team, for all you have done and continue to do for me!”
Success Stories

Alliey Kline
Alliey + Co.

“Before working with Erica I was doubting myself. Am I good enough? Am I doing enough? How can I be even more appealing to my ideal client? Now I have someone to help me with those answers. One of our best months in 2020 had $99,500 in revenue for the month and $72,000 in new sales! It's so good to have someone to help you achieve your dreams faster. Working with Erica has given me the confidence to stand behind my products, my services, and my pricing.”
Success Stories

Terri Larson
The Promise Gardens

“I have had my largest contracts to date this year, closed 5 paid in full contracts, and numerous other new sales at the price I want to charge. I have had friends ask me ‘is it worth it?’ I honestly tell them that this is the single best investment I made for my business! It has elevated my sales and made my booking process so much easier. I can’t say enough!”
Success Stories

Stephanie LeFrancois
Forks & Fingers

“Erica’s enthusiasm is infectious, her knowledge invaluable and her loyalty never ending. Since working with Erica Powell & Co., we’ve been able to attract a new level of clientele. We have seen an increase of approximately $10,000 per contract for this year. We are now in a position to take on fewer clients, with greater reward.”
Success Stories

Kenny Hopkins
Kenneth Cooper Films

“Since connecting & working with Erica I have found a renewed energy that has allowed me to run my business powerfully & focus on areas that need change. If you want the resources to improve every area of your business I would highly recommend Erica Powell!”
Success Stories

Danielle Turano
Divina Artisti

“Where do I begin? I love being around like-minded entrepreneurs that are looking to grow, learn, and be awesome together. Thanks to Erica’s knowledge my website and brand have been transformed, I have put together some amazing strategies, and now my inquiries book with me at FULL PRICE (3-4x what it was last year)!!! Life is WAY too short to not get paid what I'm worth.”

Ok! I’m ready to close high dollar clients!

Sign me up, Erica!

Success Stories

In some other memberships, members stay because they feel stuck and are waiting for their next breakthrough. Entrepreneurs stay with us and LOVE our community because they get real results…