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Destinations Found is here to provide wedding & event planning as well as wedding venue consulting for new and established wedding venues.

We are here to provide you with a completely personalized plan as unique as you are. Embrace the freedom of knowing your day is completely taken care of. No more overwhelm, no more stress, and no more endless ‘To Do’ lists.

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Throughout my life, I was involved in event planning. Whether it was the prom or a catering event, I was the one planning. I went to business school, then found myself the perfect job pitching wedding venues to couples in Vermont. I loved the wedding environment but wanted more. I realized my dream was to give them the wedding of their dreams. To help them so the stress of the planning didn’t overwhelm them and their wedding. In 2014, Destinations Found was born right here in Vermont. With so much experience and knowledge to offer, Destinations Found has made the move to include Wedding Venue Consulting. My expertise and experience as a wedding planner gives me the unique opportunity to give Wedding Venues strategies to take their business to the next level.
- Jessica Fuster

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